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History and Geography

Our children explore a range of history topics throughout their time at Northfield. They have the opportunity to step into the shoes of people in the past and observe how life has changed, as well as the challenges people have faced. They ask questions, think critically, examine evidence, scrutinise arguments and develop a sense of perspective and judgement.


We look at history in chronological order starting with the Stone Age and looking at periods right up to more recent times. If your child would like to be a great historian, click on the web link below to find a guide to the skills they need. They can also search for clues about the past by clicking on the BBC schools primary history link below.


Do you want to be an amazing historian? Take a look at your year group’s topics (please see the documents below). Show your passion and impress your teacher by researching the mystery of history!

Throughout their time at Northfield Junior School, the children will discover and develop their knowledge about our world. They will find out about different environments and how people influence and change these environments. As geographers, they will develop their knowledge, understanding and skills to enable them to explain how the Earth's features are interconnected and how they change over time.
Set your skills in motion and impress your teachers by finding out more about our world using the websites below.