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Anti-bullying Results March 2017

22nd March 2017

Results of the Anti-Bullying Questionnaire for parents and carers

Thirty-six questionnaires were returned in total with these results:

Questions about policy

* Thirty-two of the parents said that there were aware that school has an Anti-Bullying policy on its website.

* Five of the parents said they didn’t know they could access the Anti-Bullying policy on the website.

* Five of the parents said that parents weren’t aware that school has a system for reporting and investigating bullying incidents.

Questions about support

* All the parents knew who to contact if concerned about bullying at school or outside school by children who attend the school.

* Six parents said that they didn’t know what school does to deal with bullying.

* Six parents said they hadn’t been given information about how to deal with bullying if it occurs (leaflet/ website).

* Seven parents said that their child had experienced bullying at school and all those parents said that it had been dealt with effectively.


Thank you to all the parents who completed our questionnaire. Your responses will help us to shape our ongoing anti-bullying work in school. Please do not hesitate to contact school over any issue you are concerned about relating to bullying.