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Disaster Day!

Last week the Year 3 and Year 4's enjoyed a Disaster themed STEM day to tie in with our Geography work on Earthquakes. There were lots of problems and challenges to explore. Using electricity circuits, the children had to design and construct a light up warning tower and create an earthquake simulator to see how stable their buildings and towers were .   


Rhys was very excited about the day "It was awesome. I enjoyed building the towers. When we were trying to make it stable, we had to work together to stick the tape down and make it stronger."


We used ozobots to explore how health and safety or rescue teams can search for dangers or send in help and supplies. We used augmented and virtual reality to explore a volcano which the children thoroughly enjoyed.


"I really liked the VR. It was a great experience and fun!" said Felix.


There were also a variety of robots to code and control.


A big part of the day was team work and solving problems like real engineers


"In the afternoon, I loved building the tower and using the motor to shake it. We worked as a team to stick parts together." said Isabella.


Leopards class described the day as: "miraculous, extraordinary and memorable...we loved it!"


For photos of the day take a look in our gallery