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Eagles vist the Crooked Spire

Eagles Class had a great trip to the Crooked Spire. We caught the train from Dronfield to Chesterfield and began our day with a tour of the church. This included climbing the steep winding staircase up to the tower. The views from the top were fantastic, which was helped by the clear blue skies we were lucky to have that day. After the church we visited the museum to look at and learn about the windlass used to build the tower. We spent the afternoon in the Parish Centre working in groups on a design and technology challenge to make a model windlass. The children did a fantastic job and showed some excellent team-working skills.


"I really enjoyed going on the train - it was pretty good for my first time. I found it really interesting looking at the mason marks inside the church." Karima

"My favourite part was going up into the tower and onto the balcony. It was a fabulous view." Alfie

"I enjoyed catching a train as I've never travelled on a train with my school friends before. I loved going up the Crooked Spire; it was fascinating to look at the bells and the view was amazing! I learnt that the Crooked Spire is nearly 800 years old. The most interesting part for me was learning about the windlass and how it works." Evie

"The trip was amazing! I love it when we were at the top of the tower. We could see birds soaring down below us." George

"I loved the challenge to make a model windlass because it made us think about how to do it and work as a team." Georgina

"I enjoyed catching the train because it is more fun that the coach. I enjoyed going up the tower because it was so high and you get such a good view of Chesterfield. I learnt that the tower is 800 years old and it took 120 years to build. My favourite part was seeing the bells because some of them were nearly the size of me." Louis


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