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Have a Tree Party

On Friday 13th May, the whole school enjoyed a ‘Have a Tree Party’, which included many fun and engaging activities for the whole school. During this event, we promoted the national campaigns: Earth Day, National Endangered Species Day and World Bee Day.  

Throughout the day, classes completed a rotation of activities including: a class picnic with stories about endangered animals or the importance of the earth and tree games. Each class also participated in an orienteering activity to learn about: how trees provide homes to a wide variety of animals or ways to reduce the amount of tree products we use. 

The children also took a turn on our new challenge trail. They showed great determination and passion to complete different circuits, which got the heart pumping and muscles working! 

Here are some quotes about the day: 


“I loved everything!” 


“It was really fun. I’d like to do it again.” 


“The best day ever!” 


Take a look at our gallery for some photos of the event.