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International Week

International Schools Week
From 8th to the 12th February, Northfield 'travelled the globe'. They loved finding out about countries from across the world, from European countries such as Italy and Portugal, to further afield like Japan or Australia. The work produced was outstanding! On Monday and Tuesday, they produced some incredible, creative fact files about their countries. They presented them in many creative ways such as posters, Power Points and video presentations! 
On Wednesday, the children researched a recipe from their country and had a go at making their cuisine. The children loved trying new flavours and finding out about traditional recipes from around the world! 
On Thursday, the children created a story with an international theme. However, they not only produced it in English, but they also used Google Translate to help them publish their book in a different language too!
On Friday, we celebrated Chinese New Year in style and each class enjoyed learning about the traditions of Chinese New Year! 

Also check out the gallery to see the pictures and presentation of the children's work!