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Jungle Book

On Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th July, Year 6 confidently took to the stage to perform in our incredible Summer Concert - The Jungle Book! The whole school was involved and sung their hearts out! It was incredible to see the confidence as the children really took their opportunity to shine. They really developed their acting and singing skills and I am certain they will be stars of the future!


"I enjoyed everything about it from the practices to the actual show, getting our faces painted as well as the battle scene. I learnt so many skills that I will carry with me forever like building up my confidence, teamwork and also being organised. I am most proud of how I learnt my lines and being confident in myself and trying to remember by actions."  Maisie


"I'm most proud of my singing solo and how I remembered all of my lines and the dance for the battle. I really enjoyed the experience and I hope to be on stage again in the future." Katelyn 


"I learned to be more confident and to persevere. I am most proud of my singing and dancing." Maddie


"I enjoyed performing The Jungle Book, I learned to be more confident on stage. I was most proud of how I learnt my lines so quickly and how we all remembered our lines so well. The thing I enjoyed most was when I danced on stage with my friends." Ella


"I will always remember when we did the actual show and everyone was clapping us at the end." Beaty


"I learnt how to act and not just say the lines but use body language.I also learnt about team work as it was a big group effort to get ready for the show." Freya 


Take a look at the photos here.