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London 2020

The trip to London was quite an experience for all of Y6; we saw many famous landmarks such as Nelson’s Column and The London Eye. We also visited The Houses of Parliament (where we met our local MP, Lee Rowley), The Tower of London (where we got to see the Crown Jewels) and Buckingham Palace (where we saw Prince Charles). 


On the first day, we set off to the Tower of London – we had a good look around (we saw plates made from solid gold, lots of valuable crowns and a beautiful sword which was very detailed) and then made our way to the Crown Jewels.

 We then began to make our way down to Tate Modern Art Gallery. We saw many interesting pieces of artwork. Some of the artists were known world-wide! Then, at night, we went to watch The Lion king which was brilliant! 

On day two, we went to Trafalgar Square . We saw Nelson’s Column and went into the National Gallery where we saw very well-known paintings and sculptures. 


Second, we went to Buckingham Palace where we saw Prince Charles. Then we went to the Houses of Parliament where we had a tour around the House of Commons and also the House of Lords and we learned some fascinating facts about the difference between them. 


Afterwards, we headed off to the London Eye; it was incredible to be able to see everything that we had looked around from so high up. It was a one in a lifetime experience for our class.


My favourite part was the London Eye because the view when we got to the top was absolutely amazing! - Kiera


My favourite part was the Lion King show at the theatre because the actors and actresses were amazing. It’s definitely something I would want to see again. - Emily


Check out the photos here.