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London 2022

On Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th June, Year 6 loved their London residential visit! It was an action-packed trip. We started off by visiting the fascinating Tower of London and saw the exquisite Crown Jewels. Following this, we explored The Tate Gallery before heading back to our accommodation and getting dressed up to see The Lion King! It was a fabulous show which inspired us all. 


The following day, we visited St Paul's Cathedral and The National Gallery. We then had a fascinating walk to Buckingham Palace through St James' Park and then to Westminster Abbey. We then passed Parliament and 10 Downing Street before our fantastic, informative river cruise! Finally, our wonderful trip concluded when the children took a flight on The London Eye. It was a magical trip where the children enjoyed a once-in-a-life time experience.


 Here is what some of our children had to say:


What did you enjoy the most? 


I enjoyed everything but I had three things that I particularly enjoyed. I liked the Tower of London where we saw the Crown Jewels, we walked around and looked at all the priceless objects inside. I also enjoyed going on The London Eye, at the top you could see so many interesting things. Although it was quite scary, I knew it was very safe and secure. Last but not least, I loved The Lion King. It was the most amazing experience! Zahra


I enjoyed everything but my favourite thing was The London Eye or the river trip. Maisie


I enjoyed going on The London Eye and seeing the amazing buildings. Huey


What did you learn? 


Not only was it a fun trip, it was very informative as well. I learnt so many facts. In the Tower of London there were lots of facts about previous monarchs. Zahra


We learnt about the rivers and the famous places in London and we learnt a lot about Art. Sophie


I learnt about the London Fire and all the famous people that died and were buried in the churches. Ella


Take a look at the photos here