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Sky Sports Live

On Thursday 8th June, Y4 and Y5 had the fantastic opportunity to participate in an action packed day of sports. The day, hosted by Sky Sports Live, promoted different activities as well as healthy eating tasks to encourage good, healthy lifestyles. There were athlete mentors (who are champions in their sports) and many volunteers who made the day fun, exciting and a real privilege to be a part of. Our children were inspired by the motivating sessions and particularly enjoyed doing things that they have never tried before. One of the Y5 boys said that his favourite activity was boxing, which was a sport he had never tried before. The children were passionate and motivated, which showed throughout the day. Even during the last few minutes, the children were eager to get the athlete’s autographs signed on their participation medals.


One of the key outcomes of the day was to promote ‘six keys to success’ in sport such as teamwork, communication and confidence. The word resilience was also discussed and shown throughout the activities by all the children. We know how important resilience is in all areas of life and it was a great opportunity for the children to demonstrate theirs, as well as all the other ‘keys to success’.


Click here to view photos of the day.