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Target Fest

We went to Graves Tennis and Leisure Park for the Target Fest. What did we do? We did boccia, archery, golf, bean bag throwing and new age kurling. It was so cool.

Freya said, “It’s very fun and enjoyable and it helps you become stronger. All of the activities were very fun.”


Eva said, “All the activities were very fun and I enjoyed it.” Alfie B and Freddie F also really liked it because it was a day full of sports and fun. Madison said, “I really like the archery because we had to shoot an arrow into the red dot.” Maisie also really liked the archery because “they gave out lots of points and high fives.” Lots of other children really enjoyed the archery and found the leaders really nice and helpful.

To play all of the games, you needed to use lots of strategy and skills. We were rewarded for showing spirit of the games like passion and teamwork. Eagles class showed lots of these values and were awarded with lots of stickers!


By Jorja


Please see the gallery for a few photos from this event.