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Viking Day

Viking day was very fun for us Year 3s and 4s. We learnt lots about the Vikings, we also had the choice to dress up, but some people didn’t. Some people were Saxons, some were Vikings.  We had a Viking workshop with a person called Mr. Hammond, he told us many things about Vikings, and he even brought some Viking bones, jewellery, and even teeth! When Mr. Hammond came, he brought a copy of an actual Viking helmet. It looked so real and old. It was very rusty, all of us got to try the helmet on if they wanted to, and it was very heavy to most people. When he put the helmet on our heads he told us a Viking name that would fit in with our names, some people had the word brave, killer, jaw breaker and ruthless. 


When we saw all the Viking bones, jewellery and other artefacts, we sketched them into our sketch books and then labelled it. There were Viking coins which were very small compared to our £2 coins, the size of a 5 pence piece. There also was lots of necklaces and bracelets.


We also designed and then painted some Viking shields. We could choose any design we liked. At some time in the day, we did about where Vikings and Saxons live. The Vikings lived in places that ended in b and y and thorpe, Saxons lived in places that ended in ham for example Nottingham and Rotherham.


Near the end of the day, we went into the hall for an assembly with Mr. Hammond to ask him any questions about the Vikings and Saxons.

By Bella and Ruby 


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