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Junior School


Today, when we went into school we saw a colossal, silver dome, but at first we didn't know what it was. I thought it was an egg.


First we had to take our coats off and do the register then we lined up at the door. Aftef we lined up at the inflatable, vast entrance. We went inside. We learned about the eight planets in the solar system (also known as the milky way). Despite the sun being a mature star, it is not the biggest star. There is a giagantic star called the red star giant.

By Luke Y4


This morning we walked across the school hall, I saw an inflated silver dome that looked like an alien's egg. I was very curious. Excitedly, we lined up as straight as a ruler so the visitor could tell us the rules. Quick as a flash we had to get in otherwise all of the air would escape.


Then we looked at the solar system, but the sun isn't the biggest star, it is the red giant. After, we went through Saturn's rings. They are made out of big icy balls of rock. Also it looked like you could grab one of them. I had a great time!

By Sam Y4