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Woodland Womble Wander

The Year 3 and Year 4 children had a fantastic time in gorgeous weather, exploring the local area on their Woodland Womble Wander as part of  their Sustainability work. As part of the  Green Tree School Award, the children completed various tasks in the woods looking at scenes or objects from different angles and perspectives. Lily C said taking pictures in the woods was her favourite thing as it was really fun. 


The Year 3's also took part in a scavenger hunt. 

Alex in Y3 said "I really liked walking round and seeing new things that I hadn't seen before.  I even spotted a birds nest!" 


As part of their geography field work, the children all completed a traffic survey to see which types of vehicles were common in the town centre. The Year 4's enjoyed it so much they repeated it again in a residential area so they could compare the different levels of traffic. Giorgio said that he loved the traffic survey "it was so exciting and we saw loads of cars and an electric bike!"


As we were walking through the town, we noticed examples of sustainability and a variety of very old buildings and local history. In the churchyard we were all very pleased to find an old 'pirate' grave as well as many family names which we will be continuing to research over the next few weeks. Lacey said " the trip was really fun especially looking at all the graves."


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