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Y3/4 Roman Day

On Thursday it was Roman day and we did some different workshops as well as dressing up as Romans. Some people made their own costumes, everyone looked amazing! 


One of our favourites was the workshop with Mr Hammond. He brought some interesting artefacts in, some were real and some were replicas. He brought bones, coins and some different jewellery. All of the children learnt lots of facts and had a great time. 


In another of the workshops everyone made a brooch. These were really fun to make out of card, sting, foil and safety pins. At first we thought they would be easy to make, however it wasn't because the tin foil ripped easily. 


We also learnt all about what life was liked before the Romans invaded and created posters of Celtic roundhouses. 


By Maisie and Ella. 


Take a look at the photos here