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Y3/4 Viking Day

This year we celebrated Viking Day in a slighty different way but we were determined to celebrate non-the-less!


All Y3/4 pupils took place in a range of fabulous activities throughout the day and had the chance to dress as Vikings too. There were some super costumes and some fantastic make-up too. Well done to both parents and pupils for putting these together.


During the day the children learnt about the end of the Viking rule in Britain with the death of Edward the Confessor. They took part in role play to act out the four claimants of the throne and then took a vote to show who they thought should have been the next ruler of England. The most popular vote was Duke WIlliam of Normandy!


The children also examined catapult designs from history and gathered sticks and string to try and build their own. There were some brilliant designs, excellent team work skills and some great adaption to designs to improve them.


We also took part in a virtual workshop with a real Viking from Jorvik! We learnt all about weapons and raiders and even had chance for our own questions to be answered too!


See our gallery for photos.