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Y4 Viking Day

Yesterday in Year 4 we had an amazing Viking Day! An awesome Viking historian came in and he had old, battered Viking costumes and the most incredible Viking helmet.

The best thing ever happened because we got to wear some Viking costumes for the whole day. We learnt some amazing stuff about the artifacts which Mr Hammond brought with him and saw gems, rings, coins and bones. I think the most fantastic thing for me was my lovely Viking costume. By Alfe B


Yesterday in Y4 we had an amazing day! Some people dressed up in extraordinary costumes. Here are some of my treasured things about yesterday. In the morning we did a fact file of Anglo-Saxon houses. Me and my friend Luca made an extraordinary one. We were in the ICT room all morning, it was very entertaining.


After we had lunch, we had our Viking workshop. An archaeologist called Mr Hammond brought in some precious things which he had found in the ground. We drew some of the items and learnt lots about the Vikings. By Freddie F


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