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Y5 Crooked Spire Trip

On Monday 8th July, we went to Chesterfield by train. It was fun! First, we went to the local library and put our bags in an activity room. Then, we went to the Crooked Spire. One group went up the Crooked Spire, which was exciting but also scary because the stairs and room at the top were small...I could only fit the tips of my toes on the steps! The other group drew and answered questions. After we swapped so everyone did both tasks. We also walked to Chesterfield Museum to see a wheel that the builders used to build the spire. 


After lunch, we built a 10 x 10 tower and then we used different resources (i.e. cotton reels, pencil, elastic bands, wheels etc) to make a wheel like they used when building the Crooked Spire. We needed to use teamwork and think creatively. We solved problems as well. 


I had an amazing day. It was really fun and I got to go into the Crooked Spire for the first time!


By Eva


Take a look at the photos here.