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Y5 visit Weston Park

Our Y5 classes thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Weston Park Museum. Here’s what they had to say about it.


We completed a workshop, which included acting out a Greek Myth about Zeus, his wife and his baby (Athena). After that, we made a temple out of polystyrene. It was fun! Then we made a Greek instrument out of card, which we were allowed to bring home.

Another activity we did was observational art. We drew ionic pillars and different parts of the museum front. Then, we went inside the museum to the toy cabinet. We drew Greek animals from inside it.

By Sophia and Tiyanna.


Tiyanna said, “My favourite part was when we went to the animal room. Sophia and Ruby dressed up as animals and tried to scare us!”

“I found the Parthenon building extraordinary because everything interlinked and I liked that it was really big when it was finished,” said Sam G.

“It was funny dressing up for the Myth,” said Isobel, “I had to go and hide in the mountains and sit in the clouds!”


Check out the photos here