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Y6 Hollowford Residential

Y6 visited Hollowford Outdoor Adventure centre and had a fantastic time. They completed an exciting night time hill walk, made rafts, completed bush craft activities and conquered their fears on the high ropes and zip wires. They clearly developed their resilience, perseverance and team work skills.


This is what the children had to say about it:


At Hollowford we made lots of amazing memories that we will never forget. I enjoyed raft building the most because we learnt to tie knots that most of us didn't know before. I also really enjoyed rock scrambling and weaselling because I had never done it before and it was so fun. Trying to get on top of the Leap of Faith was really hard but everyone encouraged each other and helped everybody. 


My favourite activity was the Leap of Faith. While I was climbing up it, I was so scared that I was going to fall but I didn't! I even grabbed the trapeze! I also loved spending time with my friends! I enjoyed every minute of it, even when it started raining. I have also learnt to not be scared of getting your hands a little bit dirty! I learnt you can't always do things on your own and sometimes you have to work together to accomplish things.


I enjoyed rock climbing and scrambling the most. I love going outside and inside rocks. I improved my team work and friendship skills, conquered my fear of heights, developed my resilience and my two new words are "Try It!"


Don't forget to check out the photos in the Gallery!