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Y6 River Exploration

It was Friday 11th October 2019 when we visited Buxworth Primary School and it was absolutely phenomenal! We went on a canal walk, visited a forest school and completed a river study. We also learnt about the history of the canal. The activities were all equally fun and were really challenging! My favourite activity was the forest school activity because we were able to show our creativity. 


By Kiera


We went to Buxworth Primary School to do our topic 'Raging Rivers' . We did 3 different activities which were: a walk along the canal, fishing in the river for insects and an obstacle course with den building. We learnt about the canal there and how boats carried the limestone. I enjoyed the adventure course the most because it was really fun. 


By Joely


We went to Buxworth School to do some activities. We loved it and we learnt loads about rivers, canals and river speed. We split into 3 groups and we did a canal walk, river speed activities and forest school activities. We loved our school trip to Buxworth School and we wish we could go again.


By James


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