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Weekly Round-up

22nd January 

It has been a very productive week in the Tigers class and you have all been keeping me extremely busy with all of the fantastic work you have been doing. 


I have been thoroughly I impressed with the level of presentation, effort, and with the honesty of your feedback. I have also enjoyed sharing your lockdown  life through the video clips you have sent to me on seesaw and the way you have made your home learning personal to your own circumstances. I have seen Lucas working very hard during a gone video and Amelia has been very inventive using pasta to help her with her Maths! 


This week the Gold Award goes to Harry. I have been so impressed with his attitude to learning. He always comes into school with a big smile and I have enjoyed seeing all of your home learning work. I am also very proud that you are now asking for help when you need it and this  is helping you to progress more quickly. I am also extremely proud of how you have embraced TTR your times table knowledge is going from strength to strength. You have achieved all this in what has also been a very busy and special  week! 


The Tigers are very enthusiastic in their TTR and are competing hard in the Y3 v Y4 battle as well as keeping me extremely busy in Rockslams - (Giorgio!) 


Giorgio and Asher  have gained Rock Legend, Sasha and Edward are Rockstars, Lila, Isabel and Harry are Headliners, Ella, Zack, Freddie  and Henry are Support Acts, Dulcie is an Unsigned Act, Yuki, Lilah and Alisha are Wannabes. 


We have had an exciting week looking at Pigeon Impossible and writing about Agent Beckett in English. The children have used some great language in their sentences. In particular, Alice really impressed me with some super vocabulary and similes. Leopards have persevered in their Maths. They have learnt some new strategies for dividing numbers and have worked really hard to apply their new knowledge when answering questions. Someone else who has stood out for their amazingly dynamic dance choreography is Ella.  


I’ve really enjoyed looking at all the work that has been completed, especially some creative ideas for showcasing work in a different way. The person I’ve chosen for this week’s Gold Award has put a lot of effort into all his work. He produced a fantastic set of photos that showed me all the human and physical features that he found around Dronfield during his daily walk. He also made a voice recording to tell me about what he had found. It was very interesting! Well done on a brilliant week, Luke! 

There have been many certificates achieved this term. Congratulations to… 

Oscar A who has achieved his pen license. Zack has achieved his bronze reading certificate and Betsy has achieved her silver. 

In TTR: Elliot, Summer and Oscar B have achieved their Wannabe status. George has achieved his Busker status. Holly has achieved her Gigger status. Ruby has achieved her Garage Rocker status. 


Betsy and Morgan have achieved Headliner status. Maisie achieved Headliner status last week and has moved on to Rock Star status this week. Oscar A has achieved Rock Legend status. Ella achieved Rock Legend status last week and has moved on to Rock Hero status this week!  


Wow! What a lot of fantastic work.


This week the Lions class have been continuing to work so hard! I am really impressed with their attitude towards learning both at home and for those in school. Lions have worked extremely hard in Maths this week to master some new multiplication and division skills and have shown great perseverance and resilience when completing the activities.


I have also been really impressed with English this week, everyone has been getting stuck into Pigeon:Impossible and doing some excellent writing.


Also this week, Lions class were guinea-pigs for our new Google Meet, and it went fantastically well! We'll be rolling this out to other classes next week.


My Gold Award today goes to someone who always tries really hard, presents their work neatly and carefully and isn't afraid to ask for help when it is needed. Well done Daisy- your work has been fantastic!


Certificates this week go to Noah for passing Platinum on our reading challenge.


Also TTR certificates are awarded to Maisie, Jessica, Patience, Rachel, Grace and Arla for achieving Wannabe status. Joshua for achieving Gigger. Poppy has achieved Unsigned Act, Emily has become a Headliner and Isobel and Thomas have both become Rock Legends. Phew! What a lot of hard work!


15th January

Well done Leopards on a fantastic week! You’ve shown brilliant qualities throughout: commitment, motivation and perseverance…just to name a few! I am a very proud teacher. You’ve made it really hard to choose a Gold Award because there are so many of you that deserve it. However, I have chosen someone who has worked consistently hard since the very beginning of the term. This person has put in maximum effort and she always engages in feedback that she is given. Well done, Gracie!  


Speaking personally the last 2 weeks have proved challenging, rewarding, emotional, a bit scary, busy, hectic need I go on? 
However, the Tigers have once again stepped up to the challenge and have shown me what a fabulous set of children (and parents) I have in my class. We have mastered multiplication, learnt a vast amount about how bees make honey, practised and developed our spy moves, investigated how pitch can be changed and made working guitars out of junk. Therefore, it has been immensely difficult to choose a gold award winner for this week. 
However I am going to be cheeky and backdate to last week and therefore pick two! 
Firstly I have been enormously proud of Lacey. She has really stepped up to the challenge of home learning and I have enjoyed seeing how she has independently adapted and extended her learning to include her family and also her musical talents. 
The second person is Jenson. Everyday I just know that when I open a piece of Jenson’s work it will be completed to a high standard, with beautiful presentation and to the best of his ability. He carefully  listens, reads or watches all of the learning materials provided and then completes his work diligently. I particularly enjoyed your video explanation of your working guitar made out of junk. 
Well done 


This week Lions have worked so hard! I have been really impressed by the level of commitment to work both in school and from home and the amount of posts that have been sent through seesaw- you're certainly keeping my on my toes!
Everyone has been trying so hard to keep developing their learning skills and complete work to a high standard. And well done to all the parents who have also helped with home learning. I have seen some amazing writing, using the new technical vocabulary that has been learnt and some fabulous Maths as well.
My gold award this week goes to Thomas for continuing to work hard and have a positive attitude to all subjects.
Well done everyone! Have a great weekend.