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Weekly Round-up

22nd October 

I’m very proud of all the hard work and achievements that have been made in Leopards class this term. Well done to everyone for the passion you’ve shown towards your learning and all the effort you have put in. It was great to see everyone dressed up for Egyptian day yesterday. There were some really creative costumes, which had obviously taken a lot of thought and time to make. We had a brilliant time and really enjoyed all the activities. One of the tasks was to make a shaduf, which is a hand operated device for lifting water. Each pair needed to problem solve, communicate ideas to one another and show great resilience to overcome barriers. Even though the task was a challenge, not one person said, “I can’t do this” or “I give up.” One pair really stood out in this task for their super teamwork skills. They helped and supported each other throughout the day. So, this week’s Gold Award has to go to both…Oscar A and Rhys! 


This week, Hattie has achieved her ‘Rock Star’ status and Eva has achieved her ‘Wannabe’ status on TTR. In speed times tables, Hattie has achieved her gold level. 


This week, in Tigers, we have had lots of fun learning about the Ancient Egyptians. We travelled back in time to learn about Tutankhamen, tested our D&T skills to make a working shadouf  and judged Egyptians got Talent. 


This week my Gold award goes to someone who always tries extremely hard to do her best. She volunteers with confidence during class discussions and is a great role model to her peers in the classroom. She has continued the fabulous effort she made in lockdown and this term it has been fully deserved. Congratulations Sasha. 


This week Lions have enjoyed our fantastic Egypt day. All of the costumes were amazing and really imaginative. Well done to everyone for their super effort. We made sahdoufs using all of our problem solving skills. Well done to Ruby & Ivy, Thomas & Poppy, Isobel & Marley and Harry & Jessica who all managed to make the bucket collect water.


We have also been working really hard showing what we know this week. My gold award goes to someone who has tried extremely hard this week even though he hasn't always found it easy. Well done to Noah- keep up the good work. 


I would also like to mention some super story writers, I really enjoyed reading the Flat Stanley stories we wrote but want to mention a super well done to Grace, Joshua and Thomas for their really entertaining and well thought out stories.


Certificates this week go to Finn for achieving Bronze and Isobel for achieving Rose in times tables. 


Emily has achieved her Gigger status and Sandia her Wannabe. Well done!


16th October

This week in the Tigers class we have been extremely busy. We have concentrated hard on our Egyptian topic, we have thought about how built pyramids were built, and looked at different types of tomb paintings to see what clues we could find to tell us about life and art in Ancient Egypt. 


We can’t wait for Egyptian Day next week! 


Hockey Fest was great fun. The children had a lot of fun and were very busy putting their new hockey skills to the test in a series of skills based challenges. 

Forest Friday’s have also been a lot of fun and we are sad that this week is going to be the last one for a while. 


This weeks gold award goes to Lacey. We have been writing an alternative ending to the Flat Stanley adventure story which is set in Egypt. Lacey listened extremely carefully and worked hard to include a fabulous range of ISPACED sentence openers. I can’t wait to read all the stories at the weekend! 


Well done Tigers we have had another fantastic week of hard work and fun. 


This week I would like to say a huge well done to our certificate winners. 

Henry has gained his Unsigned Act status and Giorgio and Lila S  have become Wannabes. 

Edward and Asher have achieved their Gold award in times tables and Isabel, Tia and Lacey have passed Bronze. 

Isabel has also passed her Bronze Reading award- Tigers please keep remembering to get your grown up to sign the sheet each time you read. Well done everyone! 


Leopards have created some beautiful artwork by using tracing paper to reflect the pictures they drew last week. We had a great Science lesson and learned all about the impact of changes to a food chain. Many of the children contributed valuably to class discussion and showed interest and enthusiasm for the topic. Oscar A and Betsy showed excellent knowledge during this session.  

Yesterday, we enjoyed showcasing our hockey skills in a hockey fest. The children listened really well and used good technique in all the activities. I have been very impressed with their super hockey skills throughout the term. 

This week’s Gold Award is going to someone who is hardworking, listens carefully and works well with her partner. They are a kind and caring member of the class. Well done Lillie!  


This week, Alice has achieved her pen license. Evie and Elsie have achieved their bronze reading certificate. Lily C and Luke have achieved their ‘Wannabe’ status on TTR. In speed times tables, these children have passed their… 

Bronze – Lily-Mai 

Silver – Hattie and Elsie 

Platinum - Oscar A, Ella and Evie


Lions started the week off with some lovely outdoor learning, picking apples, raspberries and gathering leaves to inspire our poetry. We've also started adding in maths this week and everyone has been working really hard to master new skills. Lions class have written alternative endings to the Flat Stanley book we have been reading and I can't wait to read them. 


The person who gets the Gold Award this week is someone who always has a smile on their face, is a kind friend and works hard even when they don't always find things easy. Well done Maia! 


Noah and  Jessica have also passed their bronze reading challenge awards- I'm so proud of them for reading at home. 

In times tables Isobel has passed Platiunum. 

Also Mila and Emily have become a Busker, Maisie and Patience a Wannabe and Daisy a Gigger- well done!