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Weekly Round-up

22nd October

In Hawks this week we have been busy writing our stories based on Floodland, using some fantastic descriptive language to set the scene and to portray the characters' feelings and emotions. In our topic work, we have been using the fantastic research done as homework to help write non-chronological reports on different volcanoes.


The gold award this week goes to someone who has tried hard to include all the required features in her creative writing and has produced a very informative information text about Mount Fuji. In addition, she has worked hard in maths as we embark on division. Well done Emma!


Well done to Patrick for achieving his gold award in times tables and to Myles for achieving platinum! In reading challenge, well done to Freya for achieving bronze. Half term is a great opportunity to get lost in a book so I look forward to hearing how much everyone has read when we come back to school!


In Eagles, our last week of this half term has been fantastic. We have thoroughly enjoyed practising our harvest poems and writing our own story. The children have written wonderful descriptions of oceans, storms and islands and I have been so pleased with their choice of vocabulary. I have been so impressed that the Eagles have remembered top tips of writing from our author visit a couple of weeks ago, especially using show not tell. This really added great detail to thier stories. The Eagles really have worked so hard this week so it has been a hard choice. However, I have decided to give my gold award to someone who always tries their best, always presents their work beautifully and who always has excellent learning behaviours. They have been a superstar every day. My gold award this week goes to Ella.


I also have 2 times table awards, well done to Bridie for working so hard to achieve her bronze award and Darcey for achieving silver. Congratulations to Bella and Gemma for achieving level 12 in Lexia. 


This week Falcons class have enjoyed their Science week and they have been designing and carrying out their own experiments using electrical circuits. They have also gained a lot of confidence in Maths this week, especially when dividing different numbers. 


My Gold Award this week goes to someone who always tries their hardest in every lesson and has a fantastic attitude to learning. My Gold Award this week goes to Maddie!


I am also very pleased to present times table certificates to: Austin for achieving Platinum level, Maisie N and Maddie for achieving Silver level,  Bella for achieving our new additional turquoise level and to Alfie, Teddy and Megan for achieving Gold level. 


Finally, congratulations to Oscar and Sam who achieved level 12 on Lexia! Well done everyone! 


16th October

In Falcons Class this week, we started off the week with a fantastic Racket Fest event. The children loved this event and really improved their tennis skills! The children have also started planning and writing their own adventure stories and I can't wait to read them! This week, we have also had another exciting virtual event called The Punctuation Show. They were really inspired by this! They have also been using their research at home to create some fantastic non-chronological reports about volcanoes around the world.


It is always tricky to choose a Gold Award. However, my Gold Award this week goes to someone who always tries her hardest in every lesson and always offers thoughtful and insightful suggestions. My Gold Award this week goes to Maisie S! 


I am also very pleased to have some other certificates to present. Well done to Brooke for achieving her Gold level reading certificate and Adam for achieving his Bronze level reading certificate. 


Also, congratulations to Oscar for achieving Platinum level and to Fraser and Jack for achieving Silver level in this week's Times Table Challenge.


My gold award blurb:


The Eagles have had an exciting week this week. We started the week with a Racket Fest where we practised our tennis skills. We showed off some of our tricks which included hitting the ball through our legs and spinning around and hitting the ball. We have had a great week exploring electricity circuits in science and investigating what affects different components. We found out how to make light bulbs brighter and buzzers louder. During English, we have been planning the next chapter of Floodland based on our predictions. I am so excited to start writing our stories next week and putting all of our skills we have learned over the half term into practise. My gold award winner goes to someone who has made brilliant contributions in English and had so many ideas for the ending of their story. They have also tried extremely hard in science, asking questions and investigating problems when their circuit didn't work. This week my gold award goes to Harrison. 


I am pleased to say Eagles have some times table awards too. Congratulations to Martha and Ella who passed Rose and Katie who passed platinum. 


This week we have planned stories based on Floodland, and have started to think about the adventurous descriptive vocabulary we will be using to set the scene. We have been thinking a lot this term about how to produce gripping narrative writing so I can't wait to read the finished stories! In our topic work we have been learning about Pompeii, reading Pliny's account of the eruption and writing our own letters describing what happened. We have also been helped by the Roman experts in the class.


The gold award this week goes to someone who has produced some fantastic writing, in her balanced argument and her letter from Pompeii, remembering to include the features of the genre and always making sure to present her work beautifully. Well done Amelie!


Congratulations to Benjamin for achieving rose level in times tables challenge, to Myles for achieving gold level and to Noah and Alex for achieving bronze level. Well done Myles for your hard work on Read Theory!