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Weekly Round-up

22nd January

This week, in Hawks, we have been writing newspaper articles based on Kensuke's Kingdom, using the information we've found in the book so far and also embellishing with our own ideas about what else might have happened. Some of my class have thought a lot about how to present their articles, arranging their writing in eye-catching designs with pictures and diagram. In Maths, we have started to look at percentages of amounts (and I've been trying some frankly mean challenge questions on those in school!) We have also studied different biomes and thought about our own inherited characteristics to help us understand better how evolution takes place.


My start of the week is someone who has taken on board the mantra that the better one's planning is, the better one's writing will be. From a detailed plan and a further draft, he has gone on to produce a fantastic newspaper article. It included direct and indirect speech, plenty of content referencing the text, and most importantly was a very engaging read! He has also produced some lovely well-presented work in Maths and other subjects. Well done Patrick!


A number of pupils have reached new TTR levels in the last two weeks. Well done to Chloe for becoming a breakthrough artist; Huey, Freya, Bella, Scarlett and Amelie for becoming headliners; Myles for becoming a rock star and Benjamin for becoming a rock legend! Finally, in class yesterday we had a great chat about reading for pleasure and books that everyone's enjoyed recently. I have sent out the list to the rest of the class but I'd be happy to share with any other pupils or staff who are thinking about what to read next!


Falcons Class have worked really hard all week. I have been really impressed with their newspaper reports based on Kensuke's Kingdom! Other highlights include seeing some fantastic research on different biomes around the world, brilliant programming skills on Scratch and some wonderful artwork and French with Miss Moore and Madame Bristow last week.


My Gold Award this week goes to this person because she has tried so hard in her home learning. All her work has been presented beautifully and she always puts in 100% effort into every subject. This week my Gold Award goes to Maisie N! 



Here are some other certificates that have been achieved so far since the holidays. Congratulations to Yusra for achieving Bronze level on our Reading Challenge. Also, congratulations to Ryleigh for achieving Level 10 on Lexia! 


In addition to this, on TTR, congratulations to Adam, Austin and Megan for achieving 'Rockstar' status, Ethan and Aaron for becoming 'headliners' , Brooke and Sophia for becoming 'Rock Legends' and to Yusra for achieving 'Unsigned Act' status!


We have had a great week this week. We have learned lots of new things and developed our topic and science vocabulary by learning what biomes , characteristics, and variation are. We have learned how we inherit characteristics from our parents and how offspring may look similar but not identical to our parents. We have continued reading Kensuke's Kingdom and reached a main event which we have reported as a newspaper. We have understood what the features of a newspaper are and how to structure one. I have been impressed with the outcomes and enjoyed reading them. 


My gold award winner goes to someone who has tried so hard with their home learning this week, they log on straight away and are keen to start every morning. They complete their work excellently and make a conscious effort to push themselves. Well done to Helena. 


A special mention also goes to Amelia who has stood out to me for being so kind to her peers this week. She has made everyone smile in class this week. 


Well done Harrison who completed level 12 in Lexia, Bella and Gemma who completed level 13, Aaron whole has completed level 14 and Billy who has completed level 11. Well done to William who is now a rock legend on TTR, Nuriya who is a Rockstar and Bridie who has become a garage rocker. Congratulations to Bridie who has passed bronze on the reading challenge and Amelia who has passed silver. Well done to everyone. 


15th January

I have been hugely impressed by how well everyone has worked this week, working steadily through the different subjects and submitting work promptly! At home, and with the few of us in school, we have been finishing writing our Chaperon Rouge narratives, slowing down our writing and focusing on making each word and each sentence the best they can be. In our Topic work we have learned about Charles Darwin's famous voyage on the HMS Beagle, and in Science we have built on our knowledge of evolution, finding out how Darwin found inspiration for his theories in the fossil record (and why fossils don't tell us everything about past species).


As well as working through the different subjects on the timetable, some members of Hawks have been sharing what else they have been learning and creating, such as Alfie C's fantastic paintings of Galapagos-like islands and Sam's investigations with a microscope. This week I have been seeking reading recommendations and book reviews, and I'm looking forward to reading some of the books I'm not familiar with!


Although there were a number of candidates for this week's gold award, I had to choose one. I have chosen someone who has applied himself across different subjects: actively seeking out more practice in an area of maths that he thought he could improve in, creating imaginative and thoughtful writing in his fairy tale and producing a memorable story incorporating Y5/6 spelling words. Well done Huey!


I am really proud of everyone in my class. They have all worked so hard in their online tasks and I have seen fantastic effort and determination. Our English work has been based on a film called Chaperon Rouge and they have worked hard to develop description and using different sentence structures for effect. We have continued to enjoy reading our class book Kensuke's Kingdom my Michael Morpurgo. In Maths, I have enjoyed seeing their confidence grow when calculating with fractions, decimals and percentages. They produced some fantastic work in their Topic lesson when they found out about where Charles Darwin visited on his HMS Beagle.
It has been very tricky to choose a Gold Award this week. However, my Gold Award goes to this person because they have increased in confidence, especially in Maths. This week my Gold Award goes to Yusra! 
Well done to everyone on a successful week.


I am very pleased we are doing gold award this week as I have some much lovely news to share with you all. The Eagles have been superstars, they have worked so hard whether that is at home or in school. The start of this year has been slightly different to what we expected but the Eagles have risen to the challenge. The work posted on see saw has been brilliant and I have been so impressed with their writing. They have written brilliant stories based on a short film. They have used fantastic vocabulary to describe the forest setting, used show not tell to explain the plot of the story and used a range of techniques to build tension and suspense. We have been learning about the place value of decimals and the relationship between decimals and fractions. We have just started percentages and the children have impressed me with how quickly they have grasped this. 


My gold award winner this week is someone who has gone the extra mile with their home learning. They present and display their work in different ways and complete all the tasks to a high standard. I was particularly impressed with their story in English, they used fantastic vocabulary which hooked me in straight away.  Well done to Martha.