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Weekly Round-up

1st April

This week, in Hawks, we have been building on our experience of the Dragons Den competition, using the ideas from our clothing designs and writing a persuasive speech to convince a shop to sell our products. In Maths, we have been delving further into line graphs and pie charts, thinking about all the ways that we can represent data and all the information we can find from a graph. Yesterday we were given a presentation about the workings of parliament and came up with lots of questions to ask our local MP Lee Rowley. After the judging of the decorated egg competition, we saw whose rolled the furthest and had an outdoor Easter maths hunt!


This term's end of term Gold Award goes to someone who has a fantastic attitude to her work: quietly producing an excellent amount of neat work in her books and joining in class discussions, using clear reasoning language to build on others' views and opinions. She listens well to others and doesn't need reminding to follow the classroom rules. She is an avid reader, and shares her enthusiasm with the class - most recently for a Luke Temple book! Well done for an excellent term Scarlett!


This week, Falcons Class have really impressed me with their effort and determination. They have worked hard to edit and improve their fabulous Charles Darwin biographies and have taken the time to edit them carefully, producing their best work. They have also produced some wonderful persuasive speeches, encouraging the reader to buy the product they designed (inspired by their work on different fashions in the 1960s,70s and 80s). On Wednesday, we were lucky enough to have a fascinating virtual workshop about The Houses of Parliament and ask our MP Lee Rowley a range of thought-provoking questions. On top of all this, we also loved getting into the Easter spirit by taking part in our Easter Egg Rolling Competition!


I have found it very difficult to choose my end of term Gold Award this week. However, I have chosen this person because she always tries her best in every single lesson. She always takes on any challenges with enthusiasm and has the determination to succeed. She also enjoys supporting others with their learning and is always a supportive friend to others. My end of term Gold Award goes to Bella!


In addition, congratulations to Yusra who has achieved Platinum level on our Times Table Challenge!


Congratulations to everyone on a successful term! 


This week has been full of enthusiasm, sunshine and fantastic learning. In Eagles, we have written the most amazing persuasive speeches which persuade someone to buy their fashion item they have designed. I have been blown away with their persuasive techniques, their choice of language and cohesive devices. I have read so many fantastic speeches, I think I need to buy a whole new wardrobe as I am persuaded to buy it all! 

We had a fantastic day on Wednesday with our virtual Parliament visit and egg-rolling in Well-being Wednesday. It was so lovely to enjoy the weather in our beautiful grounds.   


My gold award winner this week goes to someone who I am so proud of. They put their hand up in every session and really provide well-thought-out answers. They push themselves to produce their best work and are always asking for help to improve. They have made fantastic progress this year and have really excelled in their learning. This is very well deserved, keep up the great work Daniel. 


Well done to Gemma for passing her silver reading challenge and Billy and Helena who have passed level 15 on Lexia. 

26th March

Falcons Class have enjoyed many different activities this week including creating lots of different types of graph for Northfield's Census Day.  They worked hard to analyse the historical data and present this in a variety of ways. In English, they also enjoyed designing their own fashion item so they can persuade everyone to buy it next week during our persuasive writing topic. This week, it was also lovely to see our Bronze Young Ambassadors, Molly and Austin, organise a fantastic sports event for the rest of the class. Everyone developed their basketball skills and thoroughly enjoyed it.


My Gold Award this week goes to someone who could achieve the Gold Award every week. Even when things are tricky, she never gives up and is always determined to achieve her best work. This week my Gold Award goes to Saffron!


Finally, congratulations to Megan who has achieved the highest number of correct answers on TTR! 


We started off the week by learning about the census, exploring how we can represent data and examining census forms from over a century ago to think about how society has changed since then in terms of family size, occupations and more. In our writing and topic work we have been building on our knowledge of fashion through the decades to create and advertise our own designs - including a fabulous geometric 80s tracksuit by Alfie C, dresses inspired by earlier decades by Bella and Issy, bright multi-coloured shoes by Lucius and Chloe and much more! On Wellbeing Wednesday we practiced our map skills, reading 6-figure coordinates and following clues to find locations on a map of central London before heading outdoors for some orienteering - finding letters and unscrambling them to find a range of 'ably' words. As part of our guided reading we have been having a go at 'taboo', writing definitions without using a list of 'taboo' words, which can be tricky!


My Gold Award this week goes to someone who in recent week has impressed in his SPAG and inference, working hard to find clues within texts, but has been working quietly and diligently across subjects. Well done to Benjamin! In TTR, Huey was the most accurate player of the week, Theo and Myles have become rock stars and Issy has become a rock legend. In Times Table challenge, well done to Archie for passing silver and Amelie for passing gold!


Eagles have had another great week. A particular highlight has been designing a piece of clothing which has been influenced by a specific decade. The children have come up with their own designs, justified their choices and started to think about persuasive techniques they can use to persuade someone to buy it. I have been blown away with the children's ideas and I think some children should think about fashion design as a job role in the future! We have been learning about different places of worship in RE and selecting outcomes in computing. It has been a busy week but very enjoyable too. 


My gold award winner this week goes to somebody who always makes the right choices and could have my gold award every week. They work incredibly hard, focus to achieve their best and always puts in 100% effort. She jumps for joy when she goes to do her inference group and it is lovely to see her love for learning. Well done Isla.


A big congratulations to Aaron and Isla for passing silver times tables and Nuriya for passing Rose. Well done to Billy who has passed level 14 and Helena who has passed level 10 in Lexia.