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Weekly Round-up

9th July

This week, Falcons Class have worked hard to start planning their own comics and I am looking forward to seeing their finished comics and 'penny dreadfuls' next week! In addition to working hard to solve problems involving decimals , we have been revisiting angles. I have been so impressed with the skills and facts that they have memorised! Falcons Class also really enjoyed their Euro themed Well-being Wednesday!


I found it very difficult to choose a Gold Award this week, so I have chosen two Gold Awards! 


My first Gold Award goes to someone who always tries her best and is always enthusiastic to learn more. She is always keen to answer questions and show her learning. This week my Gold Award goes to Maisie S. 


My second Gold Award goes to this person because she is always so helpful around the classroom and always tries her best in every lesson. My second Gold Award goes to Yusra!


I am also pleased to award the following certificates in our Times Table Challenge: Congratulations to Ryleigh who has achieved Platinum Level and to Benji who has achieved Turquoise Level! Finally, congratulations to Bella who has achieved the highest speed on TTR!


This week in English we have learned about comics and started to write our own comic book interpretations of a chapter of Cogheart. We have thought about what information from the book is important and should be kept, which background details we can leave out and how best to portray characters' feelings. Some members of the class have experimented with some bold design choices and I can't wait to see the finished comics! In Maths we have recapped some familiar topics but with a focus on reasoning - spotting mistakes and describing methods using the correct mathematical language. In our rivers topic we have learned about changing land use on the Isle of Dogs and the reasons for flooding in Bangladesh.


On Wednesday we had a class football tournament. The final went to penalties, and was won by Bella, Sam, Ollie, Myles, Parick, Emmie and up and coming keeper Scarlett! I was impressed to see some good teamwork and there was plenty of passion, particularly from the Dronfield Chiellini, Archie.


My Gold Award goes to someone who has worked hard in English, thinking carefully about what information to include in his comic, produced a lovely bar graph comparing rainfall in Bangladesh and the UK, and showed good sportsman ship in the tournament. Well done Ollie! Congratulations to Lucas and Pip for achieving their platinum times table award and to Freya for reaching Turquoise! Well done to Ruby for achieving the highest studio speed in TTR.


It has been another great week in Eagles. We have continued developing our understanding of decimals in maths, planned comics based on Cogheart in English and learned about how we keep our bodies healthy in science. We have been emersed in the football this week and enjoyed a class tournament which the children showed great commitment and teamwork. I can't believe there is only 1 week left with year 6s, I am looking forward to celebrating their time at Northfield with them next week. 


My gold award winner this week was so hard to choose, I could have given it to so many children. I have chosen two this week as I couldn't decide! I've chosen a year 6 who could have it every week. They try their best in everything, they concentrate so hard and always goes above and beyond. They have made fantastic progress this year and I am so proud of all they have achieved. Well done, Isla. I would also like to give a gold award to a year 5 who deserves recognition for his great attitude to change his behaviour, work hard in lessons especially listening and really improving in his writing. All round making good progress. Well done Noah. 



Congratulations to Sophie for passing platinum and Darcey for passing Rose. Well done to Max for receiving highest studio speed on TTR. 

2nd July

After making puppet theatres for STEM day, on Friday we visited the Longshaw Estate to learn about the features of rivers and observe how they change as they flow from the source. It was lovely being able to get out to the countryside again, and we were able to measure the depth, width and speed of the current at different points, as well as walking up to the moors that supply the first streams that flow into the Derwent. This week we have been bringing our historical fantasy stories to a close, making sure characters are well-developed and nuanced - Leo has written a story steeped in historical detail while Benjamin has written with some imaginative and poetic turns of phrase. In Science, we've been learning about the circulatory system - acting out the role of the atriums and ventricles and making heart models from salt dough. It was great to see the return of Sports Day and I was proud of all my class for the passion they showed, giving their all in the races and loudly supporting their team members. Although it's hard to pick out individual competitors, Eben showed an incredible capacity for bouncing at speed, Alfie R gave his all when sprinting and Archie showed a great attitude in encouraging and cheering on his classmates.


My gold award this week was a tough choice, but for a fantastically detailed story with recognisable characters and varied techniques throughout, as well as clear explanations in Science, congratulations Issy! Well done as well to Myles for achieving his silver reading award.


This week, Falcons Class have enjoyed their school trip to Longshaw Estate and they have learnt so much about rivers in their river study. They found out so many new facts about the different parts of a river. They also conducted studies into the width and depth of the river and enjoyed finding out about different river speeds! 


This week, I was also really impressed with their work in Computing. They worked hard to research the 10 most important rivers in the world and present their findings using Google Docs.


Last but not least, Falcons Class have loved this year's Sports Day! They all showed such passion and determination in all the events. I am really proud of you all. 


This week, I have chosen two Gold Awards! Both of these Gold Awards are for their passion, determination and dedication to their team on Sports Day. This week my Gold Awards go to Austin and Oscar! 


Also, congratulations to Ryleigh for achieving Gold Level on our Times Table Challenge. In addition to this, congratulations to Megan for the biggest increase in correct answers on TTR!


Congratulations to Oscar for achieving Bronze Level and to Maisie S for achieving Sapphire Level on our Reading Challenge.


Finally, congratulations to Benji for achieving Level 11 on Lexia!


It has been such a fabulous week. We started off our week with a trip to Longshaw Estate. We explored the moorland and countryside with our park ranger and conducted research into the depth, width and speed of the different parts of Burbage Brook. We also found out more about the water cycle and wildlife in the local area. It was so lovely to be out and about and applying our learning from our National Parks and rivers topics. In science, we created models of the heart out of salt dough and learned the functions of the heart. 

On Thursday, it was sports day and what a great day it was! It was my first ever sports day at Northfield and it was absolutely fantastic. The attitude, resilience and kindness that I observed was amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed it, I know my class had a great time too as everyone was smiling from ear to ear. 


My gold award winner goes to someone who has thoroughly impressed me this week. Every time I ask them to do something, they do it was great care, amazing effort and always listen first time. Thier writing has particularly stood out to me this week. They have written a 5-page fantasy story which includes a thought-out plot, great vocabulary and sentence types. I really understood the characters personalities in their story and that is a great sign of an excellent writer. It was lovely to see them enjoying writing and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it too. Well done, Beaty. 


Congratulations to Daniel who has achieved Bronze in the reading challenge. Well done to Sophie who has passed gold level and Katie who has passed turquoise on the times table challenge. Well done to Helena who achieved the biggest increase in points on TTR.