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Weekly Round-up

1st April 

This week we have had such a busy week in Tigers and have thoroughly enjoyed our last week . Viking Day was such a treat and we enjoyed learning about 1066, the Viking workshop and finishing off our sewing.

We have also really enjoyed the Northfield Egg Rolling competition. It was a lot of fun especially in the sunshine. Harvey was the rolling winner and rolled an impressive 15m 90cm. However,  it was an egg loaned to him by Payton. I'm sure they will enjoy sharing the prize!


For the end of term gold award winner, I am delighted to be choosing someone who thoroughly deserves this award. Every week I could pick her, and she lives the school values. The award goes to Dulcie. Dulcie pushes herself to be the best she can be in all subjects. Even when she finds something difficult initially, she perseveres and pushes herself until she understands. She is patient and understanding with all members of the classroom and it has been an absolute pleasure to see her confidence grow.


This week's TTR winners are Harry has achieved Biggest Increase in Correct answers, Payton Headliner, Roxanne Breakthrough Artist.


Lila and Alisha have passed their Gold reading awards.


I can’t believe we are at the end of another term! It has been brilliant having Leopards back in the classroom over the last two weeks. They have had great attitudes to learning and have been putting in some super effort. We really enjoyed the egg rolling yesterday – it was great fun! We also participated in lots of exciting activities for our Viking Day.  

I found it really hard to choose one person for the end of term Gold Award because there have been so many children who have been working hard and are showing great progress, despite all the challenges they have faced this term. However, I have chosen someone who has put in outstanding effort all the way through this term. She is showing her full potential in all lessons, listens really well and is a superb class role model. Well done, Molly! 


In TTR, Zack has gained his Wannabe status. In speed times tables, Morgan has passed bronze, Annie has passed platinum and Ella has passed her 12 x 12 grid in 4 minutes! 


Well what a term it has been! The children in Lions did so well coping with yet another lockdown and I was really impressed by not only the amount of work that was produced but also the quality of the work too.


Since coming back to school everyone has settled in so well and have really pulled out all to the stops to get back into the swing of things and work extra hard.


This week we have had some excellent activities going on. Y4 worked hard to understand the fractions investigation with Mrs Earl on Monday and there was some great work on using inverted commas accurately.


On Tuesday we finished our fabulous stories making sure Miss Jones isn't short of interesting reads over the holidays and also completed a fraction scavenger hunt, making good use of the glorious weather.


On Wednesday we had a brilliant time dressing as Vikings and having a super workshop from Jorvik. Everyone has super costumes!


My end of term Gold Award this term goes to someone who has come to mind during the lockdown but who I wanted to save with this award in mind. This person has worked hard to complete a huge percentage of the home learning tasks and also completed all challenges that were sent as additional work too. in the classroom she works hard and is a good friend to everyone. She also takes her role as school councillor very seriously. Well done Isobel- I know you've had to wait a while but I'm sure you'll agree it's worth it!


Certificates go to Maisie for passing Bronze and Poppy for passing Silver in times table challenge. Patience has also passed Rose in the Reading Challenge. 


Have a lovely Easter Lions!


26th March 

This week we have been so busy in the Lions class it has flown by! Mrs Earl started the week off looking at the Census with the class and they enjoyed filling in a Northfield Census about them and their family. Lions also had a good look at a historical census and draw some fabulous bar charts to present some of the data gathered in our class. I know Mrs Earl gave many team points!


The rest of the week has been equally as brilliant. Lions have enjoyed getting more stuck into our story How To Train Your Dragon and have been enjoying the book, although Gobber the Belch can be a little scary! There has been some excellent work on describing settings using a variety of prepositions and gathering and learning new vocabulary in order to describe our very own dragons. Isobel, Ruby and Arla have worked hard in their English work this week.


In Maths we've had success in learning to add and subtract fractions and Claudia has done really well showing great resilience even when things got a little tricky!


My Gold Award this week goes to someone who is trying hard across all subjects, has a positive attitude and always remembers her pleases and thank yous. Well done to Beatrix!


Certificates this week go to Ivy for achieving platinum in reading, Lexia certificates go to Ivy and Marley. Finn had the highest accuracy in TTR and Poppy and Rachel have new status certificates.


I'm really looking forward to next week with the egg rolling and Viking day!


It has been another super week for the Leopards and I have been really impressed with the descriptive writing and language that has been used throughout our English lessons. We have enjoyed reading ‘How To Train Your Dragon’, which has been a fun stimulus for our stories this week. Elliot came up with some great ideas and Oscar A used some brilliant vocabulary in his dragon description. We have also been practicing our tennis skills, and there has been some good improvements in the children's forehand techniques.  

This week’s Gold Award is going to someone who is now joining his handwriting consistently. He has been working hard to improve the presentation of his letters and this is now becoming more regular throughout different lessons. Well done, Wyatt! 


Gracie and Oscar B have passed their silver times tables. Holly and Molly have passed platinum, and Oscar A has passed garnet. Maisie has achieved ‘Rock Star’ status on TTR, and Darcey has achieved the highest accuracy certificate in TTR this week. 


In Tigers this week we have been busy as usual. We have been enjoying fractions in maths more and more as we have furthered our understanding. We even enjoyed showing our mathematical skills during Wellbeing Wednesday when we made stick times table arrays. 


This week's Gold award goes to someone who is always trying hard to push herself in all subjects. She has the best work ethic and always tries so hard in everything she does. Over the last 6 months I have seen Isabel's confidence grow particularly in maths and she is now challenging and pushing herself.  She is also a fantastic role model. Well done Isabel. 

Sasha has passed her Garnet Reading award


Lilah and Alisha passed Bronze , Harvey, Isabel, Harry and Ella have passed Gold, Giorgio passed Garnet.


TTR Awards go to Payton is a Headliner and Roxanne a Breakthrough Artist.