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Weekly Round-up

9th July

This week Leopards have been continuing with their adventure story in the rainforest. They have created some super sentences and have had many inventive ideas about what happens in this next chapter. We have been revising formal methods in Maths, and a lot of the children have impressed me with their enthusiasm and great attitudes. We have been learning about the artist Henri Rousseau and the techniques he uses in his artwork. Leopard class have started producing some beautiful pictures using his key criteria.  

The person I am choosing for this week’s Gold Award is passionate about his learning and participates in every lesson, sharing his valuable knowledge. He works hard and has been a great leader as a Bronze Young Ambassador. Well done, Oscar A. 

Highest studio speed on TTR goes to Hattie. These children have gained a level on Lexia: Betsy, Elsie, Hattie, Oscar A, Rhys, Ruby, Summer, Gracie, George and Alice. 


This week has been a lovely week in the Tigers class. We have been enjoying our English topic The Explorer. We tried to build rafts like the children in the story. It was a tough job to get our rafts to stay together but it helped us to experience what the children in the book must have felt like. Some of the rafts were more successful than others. 

We enjoyed looking at the artwork of Henri Rousseau and we have begun to recreate a rainforest scene in his style. 

However, I am going to award this week’s gold award to two children who showed excellent sportsmanship and team work during a football lesson in PE. Both Lacey and Alisha showed excellent effort and sportsmanship and teamwork.


Times Table Awards go to Roxanne for Bronze, Tia for Silver, Lila S for Rose and Ethan for Gold.


Isabel and Sasha have received Orange reading award and Giorgio has received Amethyst.


Ella has 1 st Highest Studio Speed on TTR and Lexia certificates go to Nawena, Harry and Sasha.


In Lions class this week we have been revising strands of Maths that we don't feel confident with and everyone has been putting an excellent effort into their Maths work this week. 


In English we have been reading the part of the story where the children build a raft. We examined the character of Con this week and then built rafts and wrote the chapter of the story where the children build the raft. 


We also enjoyed some gardening, compass and cloud activities in Wellbeing Wednesday. 


My Gold Award this week goes to Leo for working extra hard all week and for working really hard on the weeding as well. 


Finn has passed Platinum on times tables, TTR certificates go to Marley, Daisy, Ivy, Sandia, Poppy, Zaya-May and Arla. The highest studio speed goes to Ivy. 


Lexia certificates go to Harley and Marley. 

2nd July 

What another great week we have had. I don’t know where the week has gone! Leopards have been using maps in Geography to find out what climates there are in different countries. I’d like to mention Elliot for his superb map skills because he was really enthusiastic in our lessons and found countries and heir climates really well. We have also enjoyed doing some drama and using pictures to plan an adventure story in the rainforest. 

I have chosen two Gold Award winners this week. One is for his effort towards reading, which is having a positive impact on his learning. I am impressed with the amount of reading this person has been doing at home. Well done, Oscar B. 

I was really proud of all Leopards in yesterday’s Sports Day but one person stood out to me because she was so involved in all the cheering and supporting of her team mates. She also participated in an event even though she felt nervous, which shows great courage. I hope you are proud of yourself Gracie. Well done! 


Maisie has achieved the biggest increase in points earned on TTR. These children have gained a level on Lexia: Ruby, Lily-Mai, Oscar B, Maisie, Molly, Elliot. Evie has achieved two levels. 


It has been a super week in the Tigers class. We have been problem solving in maths, using angles, turns and shapes to solve problems. In English we are continuing our story The Explorer and we have been writing about trying to find water after the plane crash landed.


We have been talking about consent in PSHE which provided lots of great discussion points. 


The highlight of the week was the sports day. We all really enjoyed our first Northfield sports day all together. Everyone enjoyed taking part and cheering on our teams. Everyone tried best. This week's Gold Award goes to someone who completed their event with great sportsmanship and a great big smile. There were some issues along the way during the kangaroo hop- however she saw it through right to the end with a smile as bright as her team the Diamonds. Well done Lyla M!


Wow, this week has flown by again! 


We've had a great week this week and have started working on writing based on the book The Explorer. The children have crashed in the Amazon rainforest and are all alone- how will they survive? I have been really impressed by the imagination this week and can't wait to have some bedtime reading! 


In Maths Y3 have been learning about 3D shapes and had great fun building 3D shapes with Polydron to match descriptions. Y4 have been learning about co-ordinates and translation and have shown great resilience as it's proved to be a tricky strand of Maths! 


For Wellbeing Wednesdays we had fun planting squash and pumpkin plants and managed to move the polytunnel to its new home with some great team effort. 


We have been excited for Sports Day all week and I was really impressed by how well behaved everyone was and by the determination and team spirit that was shown. My Gold Award goes to someone who showed bravery and self-belief and had a go at her race even though she was very nervous. Well done Jessica- you were amazing! 


Certificates this week go to Bea for achieving Gold in Reading, Poppy for achieving Rose and Patience for achieving Turquoise. 


In tables challenge Emily and Harry have passed Silver and Finn has passed Gold. The biggest increase in score for TTR goes to Daisy and both Harry and Daisy have new status certificates.


Lexia certificates go to Emily, Rachel, Ruby, Jessica, Poppy, Finn and Etta.