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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!



We've had an excellent start to this academic year and all of the classes are working hard.


In Term 3,  our main topic will be Saxons and Vikings. This is one of our favourite topics. We'll be exploring how the invasion of both groups changed Britain. Also, we'll exmine artefacts and have a visit from a local historian, Mr Hammond. We can't wait to see your research on this topic. Our Science topic will be sound.


In Term 4, we'll be learning about the local area around the school, with a focus on Coal Aston. We will be extending both our History and Geography skills in this topic and going on a local walk. We'll also be examining habitats and learning about animals.


If you have an idea for our class page then let us know and don't forget to follow us on twitter to see photos and updates about Lions,  Tigers and Leopards classes. @northfieldjun


Mr Wood, Mr Walker and Miss Jones