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Ethos and Values

Northfield Junior School Ethos, Mission, Vision, Aims, Values and Motto

Our Ethos

Our Ethos is reflected in our Mission, Vision, Aims, Values and Motto. Our Aims are aspirational and reflect the outstanding outcomes and provision we are aiming to achieve in all areas of learning and development. We place great importance on Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural education and these themes are reflected in our Values and woven into every aspect of school life as we believe that our responsibility is that of educating the whole child and that academic achievement sits within that bigger picture.

Our Mission Statement

We want all of our children to love coming to school and to find things that excite their curiosity and inspire them to learn, grow and develop as kind, responsible and confident individuals every single day.

Our Vision

The vision we have for our children is that they will become enthusiastic and happy lifelong learners who are curious and caring about the world around them, kind, respectful and inclusive in their relationships and attitudes and confident and proud of their skills and achievements. We want them to be resilient and determined in the face of challenges and difficulties and have all the knowledge, skills and understanding to be ready for their next steps in learning and, ultimately, to become successful and responsible citizens of the future.

Our Aims

At Northfield, we strive to

  1. Encourage nurturing and mutually respectful, positive relationships among adults and children to promote friendship, kindness teamwork and social skills
  2. Promote inclusion, provide equal opportunities and celebrate diversity to create a fair and equal school community
  3. Provide a calm, inclusive and supportive environment where children feel safe, valued, encouraged, and able to enjoy learning and thrive at school
  4. Provide a broad, balanced, relevant curriculum that allows children to fulfil their creative and academic potential,  understand and make a positive contribution to the world in which we live as well as develop individual skills and talents
  5. Encourage children to be curious, ask questions, discuss and debate, aim high, take risks and “have a go” to  broaden their understanding and interests and develop opinions, ambitions and resilience.
  6. Teach children to reflect on their learning and behaviour, in order to value their own development, progress and achievements and become motivated to make good choices and take responsibility for their actions
  7. Provide opportunities for teamwork and leadership so children learn the value of co-operating and learning from each other as well as build confidence and self esteem
  8. Promote British Values whereby we encourage and celebrate a sense of community, good citizenship, respect for people and property, fairness and a positive partnership between home, school and the wider community

Our Values

Our values summarise the attributes and characteristics we want our children to possess and they form some of the guiding principles of school life at Northfield


Our Values

Kindness   Teamwork   Curiosity    Respect   Fairness   Commitment   Resilience   Responsibility


Our Motto

Our school motto builds on the motto of local feeder infant schools to “Be the best me I can be” and reflects the importance we place on teamwork and creating positive relationships

“Encourage each other to do well!


Statement of British Values

Here at Northfield we promote British Values in a range of ways throughout our curriculum. We believe in developing the whole child and many of the British Values weave  through our ethos and are implemented every day. 


Please click on the document below to find out more about British Values at Northfield Junior School.