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Welcome to Year 5!


Happy New Year! I hope you all have a ‘spring’ in your step ready for the term ahead! We have some very exciting activities to look forward to and a brand new ‘Climate Change’ topic. Our outdoor residential is also coming up in Term 4. Year 5 will enjoy a fantastic 3-day trip to Whitehall. Please watch out for more information on all the activities your child will be getting involved in.

Our topics for this term are:

Climate Change

We will be investigating how the changing patterns of weather at different locations around the world are impacting on the lives of real people with whom they can relate. We will also be reflecting upon how changes to normal and usual weather conditions can have serious implications for these people.

Why did the Ancient Maya change the way they lived?

We will be exploring who the Maya are, where they live and what the main occupation of the Maya is today, and comparing this to the lives of the ancient Maya. Y5 will use evidence to explain how we know so much about the ancient Maya society. In addition to this, we will be finding out why pok-a-tok was more than just a ball game. In PE, Y5 will have a go at a modern version of pok-a-tok…of course it won’t involve the gruesome ancient rules!


As part of our topics, there will be two great homework project challenges:

Climate Change: Create a short presentation that explains what each renewable energy source is, how it works and its advantages and disadvantages.

Ancient Maya: Produce a labelled diagram that shows the main features of terraced farming and explains why this type of farming prevents the rain eroding or washing away the soil.

We will send out homework project instructions when it will benefit the children to complete their task.


We’re looking for the best TT Rockstar Superstar! We can already see some amazing progress in times tables knowledge from all the children who are using TT Rockstars to practice. Spelling Shed is a great resource for practicing spelling patterns and learning new words. Read Theory is also a fantastic resource to help your child develop their reading comprehension. Your child has been given a login for these – if there are any problems with them, please do not hesitate to let me know so I can sort this for them. Please see the links below to find the websites.


Below are documents and links for your information. Please visit our curriculum area for more links to great History and Science websites. If you have an idea for our class page then let me know and don't forget to follow us on Twitter to see photos and updates about Eagles and Hawks class. @northfieldjun


Miss Burton and Mr Mears