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In Science, we study the world around us by observing, describing and experimenting. We encourage the children to ask questions, explore ideas and investigate a range of concepts.

Science Curriculum Summary

Northfield Junior School’s key principles in Science

Science in our school is excellent when children are:

Thinking deeply and being critical thinkers,

Are active in the learning process,

Producing outcomes which are varied and creative,

Becoming confident in understanding scientific vocabulary,

Actively engaged when building upon prior learning through concept maps

Gaining a greater understanding of the world in which we live and the role they play within it.


What do our School Council think?

Science is great when:

We work with our friends,

We get to do experiments,

We make things and have fun,

We all work together as a team,

We do electric circuits with our friends,

We get to do lots of Science experiments,

We make things explode and

We get to do experiments outside.


Would you like to do some creative activities with your child at home? Have a look at this web page to find out more about STEM discovery boxes:


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