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Junior School

Outdoor and Adventurous

Every year, our Year 5 children experience an outdoor and adventurous residential trip to White Hall. During this trip, our children develop many social, emotional, personal and physical skills. It is education with a difference! They learn to become more independent, and develop many personal skills (including: teamwork, commitment, co-operation, consideration, communication and listening). There are also many opportunities to experience new activities; these strengthen their resilience and perseverance. We also have lots of fun!

We have an orienteering course around our school grounds, which includes a variety of team games and tasks. The children develop map reading, communication and listening skills, as well as improving their cardiovascular capacity when they complete these courses!

The spacious areas throughout our school grounds are also used for team building activities (i.e. gutter ball) and other outdoor and adventurous pursuits (i.e. archery). We are currently updating our school grounds to include an ‘assault course and climbing’ activity area. Watch this space for photos of the new additions to our beautiful grounds!