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What is geography and why is it important?

At Northfield, we intend to create life-long Geography learners. Learning about geography and understanding the world is an integral part of becoming a well-rounded citizen. Those who know geography, understand the independence of our world and how we are connected through location, place, movement and interactions.  We believe that students deserve a broad, progressive and ambitious geography curriculum which is rich in skills and knowledge. Through our Geography lessons, we aim to promote curiosity and wonder of the world which prepares children for the future. Through our Geography lessons, we encourage children to be resilient, problem solvers and to think outside the box.


At Northfield, Geography is taught through a topic-based approach. Our creative curriculum is planned to engage and excite all learners through specific Geography lessons, cross-curricular lessons and in Well-being Wednesday, where we learn outside of the classroom. We are very fortunate to have a fantastic outdoor area with an orienteering course. Children have opportunities to read maps, navigate maps and to compete in inter and intra house competitions.  The curriculum is designed to ensure that teaching equips pupils with knowledge about diverse places, people, resources and environments, together with a deep understanding of the Earth’s key physical and human processes. As pupils’ progress through the school, their growing knowledge about the world helps them make connections and deepen their understanding of links between physical and human geography. This includes the formation and use of landscapes and environments. Children are able to develop their geographical skills by using resources such as maps, atlases, aerial photographs and technology.


Children also have the opportunity to explore the local environment and complete field world through trips and virtual visits. Having The Peak District on our door step provides fantastic opportunities for every child.


Our Geography vision is not only to teach children about the world we live in but to create global citizens. We intend to create learners who take their knowledge and understanding with them into the next part of the learning journey.

Geography Curriculum Summary