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Bronze Young Ambassadors

On Thursday 25th January, 10 Year 5 children visited the EIS to participate learn how to become an ambassador for sport, health and active travel. Two of our children also developed their media skills by learning more about how to report what we are doing in school.


Issy, one of our health ambassadors, described her morning activities. “First of all, we talked about how to keep active and healthy. Then we worked together to create our own game. Ours had a basketball theme. You got points for scoring in different coloured hoops at different levels. The next station was orienteering. We ran up to get a puzzle piece and then ran back. The pieces made a puzzle. My favourite activity was stacking cups. The speed stacks got your arms moving quicker and needed coordination. I was good at it.”


Louis said “It was an awesome day, I really enjoyed everything.” George agreed, “It was really good and I’d like to do it again.”


Take a look at the photos in the gallery.