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Bronze Young Ambassadors

A group of Y5 children had a great day at Sheffield EIS learning how to become a young ambassador for health and sports in school. Here’s a brief description of what they got up to… 

Travel Ambassadors: We designed a t-shirt, listened to a song about crossing the road safely and learned about activities we could do in school. We are going to do a golden padlock competition as part of Walk to School Week. 

Health Ambassadors: First, we played a game with tennis balls and cones where you had to run and put a tennis ball on each cone, then run and collect them all back in again. Next, we linked up healthy activities to information about how to look after yourself. For example, we found out that someone our age needs about 10 hours sleep every night. We also came up with some healthy messages to use in school. 

Media Ambassadors: We took photos of others doing their activities. Then, we used the photos in iMovie and made a mini video. 

Sports Ambassadors: We did archery, speed stacking and some teamwork exercises. We learned activities we could use in our own events in school. 

In the afternoon, the children participated in some fun and exciting activities like body zorbing and ice skating. 

These were our favourite activities… 

“Body zorbing was really fun.” Josh 

“Body zorbing was exciting and new. I’ve never done it before.” Harley 

“Making the movie and taking photos.” Sasha 

“Finding clues and answers under cones around the room.” Alice 

“Ice skating because I liked using the penguin.” Gracie 

“Everything!” Payton 

Take a look at some of the photos in the gallery.