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Health and Wellbeing Event

On Thursday 15th September, the whole school participated in a wide range of sporting activities with some of our local clubs and school sports partnership leaders. They enjoyed playing netball, cricket, rugby and football, as well as orienteering, dancing, cycling and participating in a relaxing mindfulness session. Following our afternoon of physical activity fun, many of our Northfield parents joined the children to participate in the activities together. It was lovely to see so many people on the school grounds and having a great time together!

Here's what some of our pupils thought:

Betsy (Y3) – I did orienteering after school with my dad. It was good fun! You got to run around a lot so it was great exercise.

Zach (Y4) – It was fun. My favourite was football because I learned some new skills.

Alex (Y4) – I thought the activities were good. I can’t choose which I enjoyed the most. After school, I did rugby and my mum joined in, which I liked. I learned some new skills and it was different.

Lacey (Y5) – I liked the rugby because we got to run around a lot and use rugby balls.

Luke (Y5) – I enjoyed bringing my bike into school and being able to ride it in the activities.

Evie (Y6) – My favourite activity was the cycling because we don’t do it often and it was fun to ride a bike in school.

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