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Investigating Towers Trip

On Monday 3rd October, Eagles class took the train to Chesterfield to visit the Crooked Spire Church and learn about how the tower works. They learned about pulley systems and how they are used within the tower for bell ringing.  Eagles class also found out about the history of the church, its tower and the spire. In the afternoon, they worked in teams to create their own sturdy tower and pulley system drawing on the knowledge they’d learned throughout the day. This involved using Lego bricks, rope and other Lego parts to successfully pull a Lego brick up into their tower. There was lots of great communication and team work.

Here's what some of our pupils thought:


George – I liked going on the train to Chesterfield because it was fun.

Eva and Lily – The outside of the tower was scary but fun. It was the most memorable moment for us.

Lillie – I liked building the Lego structure and following the criteria to make it sturdy and strong.


Take a look at the photos here.