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Rockstars Day 2022

This year we added more into our annual Rockstars Day. As usual, we dressed up in Rockstar costumes and did our soundcheck on TTR. There were some fabulous costumes from all of the children. We had lots of versions of David Bowie walking around our school this year and at least two Olivia Newton-Johns! There were group costumes from some of the teachers and pupils as well! 


In addition to our usual activities, each class focused on a rock band. Lions listened to Bon Jovi, Leopards to Foo Fighters, Tigers had Def Leppard, Eagles listened to Cher, Hawks to Rolling Stone and Year 6 studied Queen.  We listened to and appraised their music, contrasting their hits throughout the years. Then we looked at album artwork and designed our own covers. Each class had three winners, one for best costume, one for best album cover and one for most improved on TTR. It was a fun filled day for everyone! 


Take a look at the photos in our Gallery.