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Whitehall 2023

Year 5 and 6 had a fabulous time at Whitehall on their adventurous residential. Here is what the children had to say:


At Whitehall we did a lot of activities for example a zip wire, the Leap of Faith, rock scrambling, wall climbing and absailing. Each and every one was great fun for all of the groups. I know that some were definitely harder for some people rather than others because of the height, speed or space. However, I know a few people who tried their very best and powered through. 


My favourite was the abseiling because me and my friend spun down to the ground but I also enjoyed it because I got to go down with someone who was slightly scared but after she was so excited to go again. A few skills I know lots of people learnt were putting on a harness and using a carabiner. Finally, overall, I think Whitehall was a lot of fun. Yuki 


At Whitehall we did: abseiling, indoor climbing, the Leap of Faith, low ropes courses, a zipline and went on a rock scramble. Also, at night, we did a tin foil pie dish hunt and Secret Agents where the teachers hid. I enjoyed the indoor climbing the most because I love climbing and the walls were challenging so it was so fun. I learnt to be more independent and challenge myself. It boosted my confidence and I overcame my fear of falling. Lily


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