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Y3 Roman Day

Our Year 3s had an unforgettable day immersing themselves in the world of ancient Rome during their Roman day! They truly embraced the spirit of the Roman era, putting some incredible effort into their costumes and fully embracing the Roman era. From building shrines to the mighty gods and goddesses, to perfecting their fighting stances like brave soldiers, and even testing their skills with catapults, our incredible Year 3s got a taste of life in ancient Rome.  


"I really enjoyed Roman day. My favourite part was when we built the bridge as a team". - Tilly


"The Roman day was really fun and exciting. Me and Gracie were laughing all day because we were having so much fun". - Mabel 


"My favourite part was when we built the Roman archway and learning how the Romans made it". - Joe


"On Roman day, I enjoyed everything. The thing I enjoyed the most was when we used ink to write a message to a Roman goddess". - Ivy


Check out the photos here!