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Y3/4 Ancient Egyptian Day

As part of our topic on Ancient Egypt, we had a fun, immersive day really getting stuck into life in Ancient Egypt and having fun by dressing up. There were some fabulous costumes and accessories all across Year 3 and 4 and we could see all of the fantastic effort that had gone into putting these together, along with all of the carefully applied eye-liner! 


Throughout the day each class took part in different activities. We learnt about Ancient Egyptian jewellery and made a colourful collar to wear.


Next we learnt all about Ancient Egyptian cartouches. We studied the hieroglyphs that the Ancient Egyptians would have used, wrote our name in hieroglyphs and then used clay to make our own cartouche. We used the slip and score method to add our own decorative edging. 


Later in the day we also learnt about Ancient Egyptian medicine and predicted which of the remedies matched each illness. We were disgusted to find out that some of them involved dead mice in your mouth, rubbing pharaohs brains in your eyes and using ostrich dung- yuck!


We rounded the day off by learning about the sphinx and tried to make a 3D model of one, which turned out to be trickier than we thought. Everyone had a great day. 


Check out the photos in our gallery.