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Y4 Magna 2022

To begin our new Physics topic ‘Electricity, the Tigers class enjoyed a fabulous day out at Magna. In 6 small groups, we competed to see who could dry a fairy dress the most. Each group had to make a variety of simple and parallel circuits whilst adding a range of apparatus like dimmer switches, buzzers, bulbs and a fan. We had a great time investigating which materials were either insulators or conductors. Skey said "The workshop was really interesting. I didn't realise that water could conduct electricity!" Jack B said "The workshop was my favourite as I liked making the circuits."

After this, we investigated the four pavilions Earth, Water, Fire and Air. There was lots of interactive learning and many opportunities to get hands on with the equipment. Benjamin thought Magna was really good and the fire tornado was magical. 

We had lots of information to find to complete our quiz sheets but Eddie and Alex did an amazing job to find the most details. 

The Big Melt was very exciting and there was lots of sparks, flames and fire to see along with the history of how steel is made. Charlotte enjoyed this as it helped her to learn about the past. Ernie really enjoyed the fire and Alex said "The Melt made me feel really scared but excited at the same time." 


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