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Y6 Rivers Trip

On 11th October, Year 6 loved exploring rivers as part of their Geography topic 'Rivers Deep, Mountains High'. They worked brilliantly as a team to explore the depth, speed and key features of some of our local rivers in the Peak District. They also investigated the water cycle and discussed different environmental matters. 


"On the Rivers Trip we measured the river, timed how fast the river went and learnt about the water cycle. I enjoyed timing how fast the river went." Alice 


"My favourite thing was doing the experiments. We timed how fast the current was, how deep and wide it was and what the temperature was. We thought about what the bottom of the river was like." Betsy


"On the Rivers Trip we measured the length and the width of the river and found out how fast the river was. The thing I enjoyed the most was putting dog biscuits in the river and timing how quick they were in 5 metres. I learnt more about rivers and how they were created." Ella


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